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Breaking Down New RtMI Images

So we have 4-5 new images to obsessively pour over while we wait for release, Lets get started.

First Melee Town

Modern Melee Town in its new gorgeous artstyle. Photo:Terrible Toybox

Immediately we see a few changes in this updated yet still totally familiar scene. One look is all it takes to know this is the section between the Clock tower and path to the governors mansion where The Jail, Church (which has seen better days) and the Shop were traditionally located. Additionally we now can see what appears to be the locksmiths shop but more on that later.

What is with those symbols?

Left: Symbols on gate to mansion path | Center Triad: Closeups | Right: symbols by Shop door

We now see these strange (Voodoo?) markings in multiple spots here. Are they wards of some sort? We know it appears from the trailer that the Ghost Ship has landed at the Melee Island docks and its crew unloading. Perhaps these symbols are used by citizens to try to keep the spirits out... who knows.

Maybe its just ghost graffiti but speculation is fun.

Now to some other points of interest

Left: Garbage Crates | Center: Boarded up church | Right: A new face at the Shopkeepers

The infamous alleyway (where we were first confronted by LeChuck in the guise of Fester Shinetop and later returned too mysteriously

after hopping in an elevator in the tunnels under Dinky Island) Seems to be blocked off by Crates covered in/possibly filled with discarded fish bones. This seems to preclude one fan theory that we would be returning to Melee via that impossible elevator. However, those boxes could easily have gotten placed there after we come through or we climb over them in a cutscene. I can already imagine Guybrush saying: "Ew! Fish Guts"

The Church still bears the marks from our showdown with LeChuck revealing that far more damage was done to the building when Guybrush was punched through it than merely that cute little patched up hole in the roof. The windows are all cracked or broken and held together by the Boards nailed over them. This place doesn't look like it get used anymore.

The Shopkeepers Guest poking out of the top window is its own mystery. Some have speculated that it is the shopkeeper sans beard and others have gone so far to suggest that it is a reanimated Rapp Scallion given a possible chefs hat on their head and the black beady eyes. Myself I like to believe it's the shopkeepers mother and true landlord of the property. Again, speculation is fun

So... What about that Locksmith eh?

The newly revealed Locksmith of Melee Island \ Photo: Terrible Toybox

There is a lot to unpack here, the whole image has a very DOTT-ish feel (which has been mentioned a lot in the community) that I really enjoy.

  • The machine behind them reminds me of Weird Ed's Computer but its more likely something lock related.

  • There is the picture of what I think is fair to assume is their family.

  • On the Display in a chest within a chest sits a golden key kept separate from the rest.

  • By the door there is a large stone monolith adorned with a giant keyhole.

  • A book, likely about swordfighting, sits by the window

  • Also, expectedly, there are a loooot of keys

Also, why is this guy wearing a Key Crown?

Right: Seen in the "Judge" picture is another with a fondness for keys...

I mean keys are cool right... There is a completely normal and unrelated reason for these two people to be key enthusiasts I'm sure. Pardon me, I burnt some puzzle scented incense earlier and the smell is lingering.

Onwards to That Judge Picture

What is said to be the Judge of a cold new island | Photo: Terrible Toybox

I think the coolest take away from this picture (aside from the potential locksmith connection) is the knowledge that this is from a new island location, apparently a very cold one. Also the Key guy is holding a fish and the flags by the judge also appears to have fish on them. Do they perhaps have something to do with the fishbone crates cluttering Melee town alleys?

And One Beautiful Shot of Hell

"Somehow I knew there would be mushrooms in hell"~GT | Photo: Terrible Toybox

We Appear to return to the hellish caverns under Monkey Island, or perhaps if Ron's thoughts he shared on the VGHF code stream carried over to RtMI's design: Hell Itself?

Does the presence of tentacle-mushrooms confirm that the catacombs under Monkey were indeed the gates to the Caribbean's Hell?

It is a different presentation to be sure beyond the 'shrooms as there are no faces emerging from the columns, bloody skulls jutting out of the ground or giant eyeballs/hearts/etc set in the walls.

Also that Pirate Monkey statue is trying hard to break "something" so I'm excited to learn more about that.

Note as well the cute cave drawings, what are those from? intriguing...

We Also Got Another Pic of the Trailer Scene

The dock scene from the trailer that blew our minds April 4th | Photo: Terrible Toybox

Man that is beautiful... and Murray is there! I love Murray, I have him Tattooed on my arm right above a flaming Max Head and Point and Click is Tattooed on my fingers... oh and the covers of MI 1 and 2 are planned sleeves that have already been started and outlined

Wait what was I talking about again?

Oh yes, this awesome picture. Its awesome and Murray is Awesome and Ron is awesome for bringing him back.

Also check out that Ghost with a fiddle, She has tattoos... well you cant really see them here but you totally can in the trailer so I mean... that is what I must have been talking about earlier I'm sure.

As I said in an earlier post I am more excited than ever to learn a little bit more (but not too much) about the game the next time we get a peek.

What did I miss? Tell me in comments or wherever you found the article from :)

Thanks for reading!

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