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GKA Plays Ep 84: EFMI Bonus Head to Head and an update

Hello Friends and fellow Monkeyology enthusiasts! also hello to all those who have started visiting due to the RtMI pic breakdown article, thank you very much for reading ๐Ÿ˜€

I will continue to do breakdowns as we get more images and info as well as articles relating to Monkey Island and adventuregame lore.

Left: PC | Right: PS2 | Note the different fonts for readability on different displays

Today we have a Bonus Escape from Monkey Island video where I pull off some voodoo and manage to get the PC and PS2 versions to run in tandem with the same controller.

While stable this set up was not, it did work well enough to do a real-time comparison of the differences between versions. For those that are unaware the PS2 version benefits from an increased poly count, revamped Monkey Kombat (not fixed but better-ish), an additional minigame, etc. As such it is considered by many to be the better presentation. While this rings true in a lot of cases, there are a few areas where the PC still has an edge (which I was unaware of until the illustrious ATMachine pointed it out on stream).

I personally find the lighting in the left presentation more appealing

Ultimately it was an incredibly fun session and I now plan to figure out how I did it so I can do a full playthrough comparison side by side.

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