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New Ron and Dave Interviews! More Screenshots!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

We were greeted this morning with two wonderful new interviews with Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman!

(First looks at Melée town, featuring the jail, a now boarded up church and the shop. Note the boxes blocking the alley) Photo: Terrible Toybox

First, by Emily Morganti at Adventure Gamers, dives into many of the questions circling fans heads regarding IP, Creative license, Artstyle and what its like to bring so much of the band back together. It is the first Interview published ever since the announcement of Return To Monkey Island and any fan should definitely check it out.

(A scene potentially under monkey island, note the Hell Mushrooms, does this mean we ARE going to hell? does this confirm its location in the Monkey Island Catacombs?) Photo: Terrible Toybox

Next is by Jay Peters (Jay is my middle name ~ed) of The Verge which touches on things like control schemes and modern gaming and what it was like for Ron to tell Domenic Armato he was making a new Monkey Island which sounds like it mirrored many of ours when they told the rest of us

(Interview states this is the Locksmith of Melée town, I'm eager to lean where the shop is) Photo: Terrible Toybox

(Some sort of pirate judge, we we once again be on trial?) Photo: Terrible Toybox

Ultimately these two reads are phenomenal and answer a lot of questions that have been circulating since the announcement.

What do you think about the revelations in today's interviews? What burning questions do you have on regards to the Images dropped? Let's speculate in the comments 😀

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